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The IOM consists of specialists in all areas of online marketing

Kiarasch Zolfaghari


Mr. Zolfaghari is responsible and looks after the sales in our organization.
In the past he has won many well known customers for our products.

Gizem Can Sucu


Mrs. Can Sucu takes care of our customers and is building their marketing success in a sustainable manner.

Eren Can


Mr. Can takes care of our customers and is building their marketing success in a sustainable manner.

User Journey Tracking

When does my customer purchase? What promotional activities are necessary for a purchase? How do these promotional activities/measures influence the buying behavior? If you have already asked this to yourself then you are right with us. We show you this and we will help you to understand your customers better.

Content delivery network

Our system provides all the static content for you. These include product images, product feeds, advertising materials, ... Your own server will not be charged and your employees save their times.

Multichannel Gateway

Our system recognizes the sale and which channel was crucial. Here you have for example in the Affiliate never double bookings no matter how many Networks are used. Whether retargeting, SEM or other promotional activities, you can observe them all in our tool.

Single Container Tag     

Only a unique integration/involvement of a container tags is needed. Everything else is our job, saving you time and effort.

Betty Barclay

For Betty Barclay in addition to the Affiliate Marketing we also provide the modulation of the media campaigns on Theme relevant pages and Retargeting.


For GGL in addition to the Affiliate Marketing we also provide the modulation of the media campaigns on Theme relevant pages, SEM and Retargeting.


For the world famous brand Puma in addition to the affiliate marketing we also provide the modulation of the media campaigns on Theme relevant pages.

Online Marketing: Turkey

Turkey is one of the leading internet countries. More than 20 millions Turkish people have Facebook accounts, which is more than Germany’s numbers. Turkey has increased its e-trade sales from 5.1 billion Euros in 2009 to over 7.6 billion in 2010, and it has accomplished this through 35 million online Turkish people. There is a big burst in e-trade. 44 millions Turkish people have credit cards and an effective logistical infrastructure at the same time. It is also interesting that there are more people being online through their cell phones than people who use their personal computers. (%21 to [...]

RTB (Real-Time Bidding) Advantages and Growth Estimates

Under RTB structure on internet, there is a fully automatic, real-time based purchasing. This market has been established at U.S. many years ago and immediately followed to Europe. Advantages are on the customers’ side. Besides the transparent purchasing conditions at the advertisement, for greater access and lower prices, better performance values may reach to the channel which utilize significant conditions correctly via RTB. Only in Germany, it is being said that there are 130 million Euros of expenditure in this segment and this is approximately %75 of annual growth estimate for now. [...]
Media Campaigns

With a wide-reaching display advertising campaign, you will have the best conditions to reach an enormous branding effect promptly. New online shops and new segments can be optimally promoted through this online channel and reach a targeted user group and active consumer response in a short time ... Display advertising is still counted among the online-sales channel with the highest spending in Germany. This also has its reasons: If someone wants to reach as many users as possible in a short time in Germany, is launching a media campaign. Through the websites that are oriented at target groups and the appropriate optimization, the desired results can be targeted in a very short period of time and your brand acquaintanceship of your online shop can be visibly increased in just no time. Thus, display advertising is essential and indispensable and an important part of your online activities. Almost every communication target is easily accessible without any problems: you can not only increase the brand awareness by a media campaign, but you can also increase the clearance sales and improve the image. The IOM Agency makes your job easier, by us providing the perfect total concept - through our excellent knowledge about the performance area, we have the possibility to optimize your campaigns on the desired success and not just to provide a number of Ad impressions. This increases the efficiency of the campaign and gives you an unrivaled success. With little effort, you can place both large and small targeted campaigns with diverse targeting and requirements efficiently and at short notice - we will take care of the rest! Through our outstanding opportunities for optimization, we can offer you a specified Targeting according to your wishes to an unprecedented value for money. Through our technical solutions an almost exact target group responsiveness and a low waste coverage is achievable. Thus, we help you to to a precise success control, an active buying public attainment and a targeted user responsiveness. Through our measurement accuracy, you can control your advertising as you feel inclined and can easily increase it for different channels - consequently you will achieve presence in areas the potential of which has so far remained undetected.


With the IOM retargeting technology, we find your users again on the Internet and bring these users back to your shop - and convert these users into buyers. With specially designed advertising medium for this purpose, the retargeting is initiated to reactivate the user and leads to a higher incidence of transactions. Simple, uncomplicated and flexible through various billing models. The IOM algorithms allow us to show the right advertising media with the right offer to the users at the right time and to offer the best possible post-click conversion rates to our customers. The IOM algorithm requires no more than six milliseconds to create a personalized display banners. Our advertising media are optimized and tested in real time, resulting in unmatched click-through rates. Our business model is designed to attract the attention of users in the purchase decision process on to the websites of our clients. Currently, we can make two predictions at the same time: we predict which user is more respective at any given time for an advertisement of a customer; and we predict which products the user finds more interesting on your page. In fact, a high percentage of the sales that we generate for our customers does not apply to products that the user have first seen in a personalized advertising of IOM. We have developed a highly precise product recommendation algorithm for the products that we display in our advertising materials.


You will reach it through professional search engine marketing at the IOM Agency meaningful and measurable results - with full cost control! Take advantage of the coverage, which are offered to you by the search engines - in Germany millions of potential buyers search your products through a search engine on a daily basis. They are the gateway to the Internet; whether as the home page or as an add-on - over 80% of Internet users have firmly integrated it into their browser and use it daily. In order for you to be able to market your products in the best manner as possible and make it visible for the user, you have to consider many factors. In addition to a comprehensive marketing concept are also a competitive analysis and industry assessment are also necessary - with the IOM Agency you will be able to drive here on the safe side. The benefits of a professional search engine marketing at IOM are obvious: With the continuous optimization and support you do not let only your presence being felt at different levels and niches at the user, but also in the competition. With SEM you will achieve with a professional design, top rankings in the desired target groups and lists of search result lists. Depending on your needs, you will have the possibility to adjust and align your campaigns on individual keywords and product segments. Consequently, you can dramatically increase the sales of products hitherto considered niche after optimization and exploit potentials which until then were not seen - The user determines the market and therefore you must allow the user the visibility of your products in the best manner. Search engine marketing is an effective advertising program that allows you to track the desired destination with different instruments. You can not only increase your online sales through targeted keyword-advertising, but also run targeted customer acquisition as well as conduct promotions and increase the awareness of specific products and segments through targeted keyword advertising - all these together with full cost control.

Affiliate Marketing

Through affiliate marketing and Partner networking you can reach a performance-oriented increase in turnover. You only pay when a sale / lead is generated. The idea of ​​a performance-based compensation is already placed some time back and was launched in a conversation between a website operator and Jeff Bezos founder of the Amazon. The young lady possessed a website on the subject of divorce and asked Bezos about the possibility to be able to offer the the sales of books on this topic against commission on her page. Seen from a technical point of view it is very simple and understandable: The user clicks on a banner on the page of the publisher. Through the action (click) he will be redirected to her online-Shop. A cookie will be placed on the computer of the user. As soon as the user places an order within the period specified by the cookie lifetime that has been determined by you, the cookie will be readout with the help of the Tracking-Pixels (which has invisibly been mounted on your order confirmation page) and only then the payment for the publisher is generated. Affiliate Marketing is actually not a marketing initiative by itself, but rather a sales-oriented clearance sales generation. While one pays at many marketing channels such as Display advertising a certain price for a click volume or a number on superimpositions in Affiliate Marketing it is not crucial how much presence you generate, but how many clearance sales can be achieved with it is more important. You do not pay in order to address a specific target audience or for example to reach a certain operation range. Here it is merely all about achieving clearance sales: that makes everything easier in the budget planning, because as per the regulation you do not have any fixed costs, but you pay per action. As a result of the experience of many years and know-how that we have taken from the networks in which we have actively worked, we can give you up to the detail on what factors the successful implementation of a partner program matters - our approach includes not only the care of the partner program in itself, but extends to the market analysis, the optimization of advertising tools and technical links to your Internet presence. For this reason we are able to create a favorable transparency, and we can offer you an unrivaled value for money (Price-/Service relationship). Through our self-developed technology and our constantly evolving tools, we can offer you optimal technical solution, which will enable you to carry out a totally new way of billing and analysis possibility. With our tools we can always analyze and optimize all campaign activities and provide you with the highest security level that you need for the proper conduct of the events without fraud.